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Better baking with less protein – a way to more organically produced quality wheat from Lower Saxony

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Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz

Federal State

Lower Saxony and Bremen


Calenberger Straße 2
30169 Hannover

Website: External link to the authority

Project Title

Better baking with less protein – a way to more organically produced quality wheat from Lower Saxony

Project description

The availability and usability of organic grown winter wheat as bread-grain in Lower Saxony should be improved. The problem in organic farming is, that the nitrogen supply is limited and so the protein-content is as well. For this reason the grown wheat often can’t be used for baking, even if the protein has good quality, what can’t be determined with conventional testing methods. This should be solved by optimizing and standardizing a Micro-Baking-Test and breeders’ enhancement of organic winter wheat with lower protein-content of 19-24 % gluten. This test enables to lead wheat-lots, which have a bad performance in the regular Rapid Mix Test into a higher use, because with the test there can be identified lots, which have good baking-qualities in spite of low gluten-contents. To standardize the method, serial analysis should be executed, the single process steps should be adjusted and a catalogue for the completed Micro-Baking-Test should be published. For the breeders’ enhancement, considered wheat varieties should be cultivated on different locations in three succeeding years. The Micro-Baking-Test should be used to find the most promising varieties.

Results focusing on practiceorientation

The aim of the project „organic baking wheat“ was to optimize and standardize a baking-test, which needs only 30g of flour and which can be used to identify wheat varieties and breeding lines, which have a good baking-quality even with wet gluten-contents in low and middle range. Varieties, which combine these properties have possibly the potential to generate higher yields in spite of limited nitrogen availability in the soil. These varieties can be of interest for organic crop growing. In three consecutive years, different wheat varieties and breeding lines were grown on two different locations. The flours were tested with the micro

Öko-Backweizen baking test to develop direct quality assessment further. Meanwhile the micro baking test was optimized. In the range between 18 to 22% of wet gluten the complete spectrum of baking qualities was found. In this range it is not possible to make predictions about the baking quality. The variety specific... (see final report)

Key words

  • Plant production and horticulture
  • Food industry

Main funding source

Rural development 2014-2020 for Operational Groups (in the sense of Art 56 of Reg.1305/2013)

OG contact information

Kompetenzzentrum Ökolandbau Niedersachsen GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 15b
27374 Visselhövede

Phone: 04262/959373

Email: c.grieshop@oeko-komp.de

Type of OG partners

  • Farmer
  • Farmer
  • Farmer
  • Farmer
  • Farmer

Begin of project


Project status


Total budget applied for in EUR


Further information

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Projektseite und im Praxisblatt.

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