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Euregia, fair and congress


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Successful on the basis of common projects in rural areas

Opportunities for european cooperations.

Conference and cooperation fair: 28th october 2008, Leipzig

Organised in cooperation with GTZ and InWEnt which are international cooperation enterprises for sustainable development with worldwide operations based in Germany.

Even if the new funding period just began and most of the Local Action Groups (LAGs) are in the phase of building up their structures and organisations, it is already necessary to think about inter-territorial and transnational cooperation because cooperation projects are more time-consuming than projects in the own area.

Our event will give you the possibilities to find suitable partners and ideas. Participants will come from all European Member States and from New Member States of South Eastern Europe like Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

The conference will start in the morning with a speech about the experiences with cooperation projects in LEADER+ and an example of a transnational project which will give you a practical insight. This will be helpful especially for those participants whithout any experiences. Afterwards our conference partner (GTZ und InWEnt) will speak about their experiences in South Eastern Europe.
We will bring these different opinions and views together again in a concluding panel discussion. The moderator of the conference will be Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Uwe Jens Nagel (Humboldt-University, Berlin).

The cooperation fair in the afternoon will give you the possibility to look for suitable partners. For supporting you in the first steps of contact, some moderators will present your ideas and your area. During the whole cooperation fair there will be translators (english-german, german-english) at your disposal. In addition we will give you your own space to present your offer and your LAG.  Detailed informations about your possibilities of presentation during the cooperation fair will be send to you after the registration deadline.

We will finish our cooperation day with a common cultural evening (‘Get Together’) in the ‘Moritzbastei’ in Leipzig.