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Development of a holistic sustainability concept for viticulture in Baden-Württemberg

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Ministerium für Ernährung, Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz

Federal State



Kernerplatz 10
70182 Stuttgart

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Project Title

Development of a holistic sustainability concept for viticulture in Baden-Württemberg

Project description

One of the long-term effects of climate change in viticulture is a more frequent fungal
attack. Problems caused by drought and erosion increase in steep areas. Fungalresistant
grape varieties require less use of fungicides and machines. Due to that
cultivating such varieties is particularly desirable on steep slopes. But so far they
have only made up around 2% of the cultivation area and the awareness of regional
wines made from these grape varieties is correspondingly low. What is hindering
sales and innovation? From cultivation to cellar management to consumers, it is
examined how the additional benefits of these new grape varieties can be conveyed
and how demand can be increased.
For the winemakers, an app will also be created as a guide for sustainable work
steps in viticulture, which can answer current questions.

Final report

Results and the Final report will be found here, as soon as the project is completed.

Results focusing on practiceorientation

- Providing innovative tools for the production and marketing of sustainable wines -> guide + Software
- Information on the adapted vineyard management also among the increasing difficult framework
conditions of climate change
- Knowledge of innovative hydrological measures to bridge dry phases
- Improvement of knowledge about the properties of fungus-resistant grape varieties
- Providing knowledge to improve the value chain through cultivation fungus-resistant grape varieties
- Development of Software to classify the viticultural measures in relation to the sustainability
- Cellar management and production-related handling recommendations
- Sensory style differentiation of wines from Piwis
- Data for the life cycle assessment of the manufacturing process
- Consumer group and market clustering
- Consumer interests: definition of the requirements for the product
- Target group-orien

Key words

  • Plant production and horticulture
  • climate change

Main funding source

Rural development 2014-2020

OG contact information

Baden-Württembergischer Genossenschaftsverband
Heilbronner Str. 41
70191 Stuttgart

Phone: +4915117486068

Email: ute.bader@bwgv-info.de

Type of OG partners

  • Farmer
  • Farmer
  • Farmer
  • Farmer

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