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Process development for the Harvarder for the provision of raw wood on parceled areas (OG: Harvest 21)

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Thüringer Ministerium für Infrastruktur und Landwirtschaft

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Werner-Seelenbinder-Str. 8
99096 Erfurt

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Project Title

Process development for the Harvarder for the provision of raw wood on parceled areas (OG: Harvest 21)

Project description

The content of the cooperation project is the development and dissemination of technologies for the efficient supply of raw wood in scattered and small-scale timber production sites in areas difficult to access with a novel, traction winch-supported forest machine called Harvarder. The working time and process studies with the Harvard forest machine will be used to measure and determine the time and effort required for timber harvesting and logging, in order to be able to compare them with the use of conventional methods. The aim is to develop one or more working methods for a specific terrain in order to describe in detail how the Harvarder works and the resulting benefits in terms of time, material and resource savings. Suitable documentation should be created and disseminated for the process selection of forest owners, foresters, service providers and people in training.

Final report

Results and the Final report will be found here, as soon as the project is completed.

Results focusing on practiceorientation

The following results are expected:

  • Suitable technology documentation with decision-making aids with regard to the limits of use and areas of effectiveness for the process selection of forest owners, foresters, service providers, etc.
  • Training material (video / DVD / APP) for training courses to be carried out by forest owners and forestry contractors as well as teaching aids for training / studies

The use of the special forestry machine "Harvarder" not only reduces the company's own monetary input, but also means that the soil in the forest is driven over less and thus compacted or removed. Resources are saved through the more targeted process selectionn.

Key words

  • Farming equipment
  • Forestry

Main funding source

Rural development 2014-2020 for Operational Groups (in the sense of Art 56 of Reg.1305/2013)

OG contact information

Forsttechnisches Ingenieur- und Sachverständigenbüro Findeisen & Partner
Herderstr. 42
98693 Ilmenau

Phone: +49 171 65405173

Email: e.findeisen@forsttechnik-beratung.de

Type of OG partners

  • Forester
  • Forester
  • Forester
  • Forester

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